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Empowering Communication: C1Gov's Unified Communications and Collaboration Solution for JSOC

Meeting via video conferencing app

JSOC needed a next-generation Unified Communications and Collaborations (UCC) system capable of supporting their massive and sensitive communication requirements. 


In the high-stakes world of the US military’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), maintaining seamless and secure communication is paramount. The solution for JSOC had to support interoperability and standardization to facilitate the execution of special operations missions worldwide.


ConvergeOne Government Solutions (C1Gov) stepped up to the challenge with an innovative strategy – replacing the existing voice-based system with a fully integrated, secure collaboration platform from Cisco. With a detailed understanding of the client’s environment, C1Gov designed and implemented a solution that ensured a smooth migration from legacy equipment and software, maintaining connectivity while delivering multiple levels of redundancy and seamless integration to other applications.

The top priority was to maintain access to communication records and user data while adopting NIST-supported encryption standards for secure operations.  This comprehensive strategy included a complete integration to the Avaya PBX during the transition, ensuring full functionality both internally and externally.  The new Cisco platform was integrated with Microsoft Teams and Active Directory, as well as existing ancillary devices like the conference bridge system.  A new E911 solution from RedSky was also deployed as part of the project, allowing emergency responders to identify the location of any IP phone on the HQ campus.


The outcome of the project was a secure, modernized communication and collaboration platform that was a game-changer for JSOC personnel.  The integrated Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) solution provided IP telephony, high-definition video, unified messaging, and feature support to on-site, mobile, and remote workers.

Thanks to ConvergeOne Government Solutions, JSOC now operates on a modern, secure platform that efficiently supports their mission-critical operations. This successful transition demonstrates our capability to handle large-scale, complex, and sensitive communication system overhauls.