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Zero Trust Center of Excellence

Empowering Federal Agencies to
Elevate Security with Zero Trust Architecture

At ConvergeOne Government Solutions (C1Gov), we recognize that the rapidly evolving threat landscape necessitates a shift from traditional perimeter-based security approaches to more robust, holistic frameworks. Our Zero Trust Center of Excellence (CoE) serves as a leading hub for innovation, research, and development in Zero Trust architecture. Our mission is to enable federal agencies to bolster their security posture, minimize risks, and ensure compliance with government standards.

Objectives & Scope

The C1Gov Zero Trust CoE focuses on...


Developing and refining C1Gov’s Zero Trust strategy and architecture


Creating a knowledge base of best practices, whitepapers, and case studies


Providing consultancy and implementation support to federal clients


Identifying and evaluating emerging Zero Trust technologies and solutions


Collaborating with industry partners and thought leaders to drive innovation

Governance Framework

The governance framework of the CoE ensures that every project is aligned with our strategic objectives, and it guides our decision-making process. This framework defines:

Roles and responsibilities of team members

Processes for project initiation, approval, and review

Criteria for evaluating the CoE’s performance


Each member brings a unique skill set, ensuring a comprehensive approach to Zero Trust solutions. Our dedicated team comprises experts specializing in...

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fiber optical network cable

Network Architecture

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Policy Enforcement


In our pursuit of excellence,
we collaborate closely with…

  • Technology Vendors: To stay ahead of the technology curve and offer our clients the latest in Zero Trust solutions
  • Industry Associations: To contribute to and benefit from the collective wisdom in cybersecurity
  • Research Institutions: To drive innovation and keep our practices grounded in the latest research