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Delivering Comprehensive Voice System Maintenance for US Customs and Border Protection

C1Gov enhanced U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) critical voice systems. Our solution improved CBP’s efficiency and security, and ensures seamless operations with robust, 24/7 Avaya software maintenance. 


The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) faced significant challenges in maintaining their voice communication systems, crucial for day-to-day operations and national security. Tasked with managing complex Avaya software products, the agency required a solution that ensured uninterrupted functionality, vital for its mission. The primary challenge was addressing the intricate and multifaceted nature of these systems, which were essential for seamless operational communication across the DC Metro and Northern Virginia regions.

CBP’s voice system maintenance needed to be robust, responsive, and capable of handling a variety of technical demands, including regular updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Additionally, the solution had to be adaptable to the agency’s unique operational environment, which required strict adherence to security protocols and efficient system utilization. The agency needed a service provider who could not only offer technical expertise but also understand the critical nature and security implications of their communication systems.


C1Gov presented a tailored solution to address CBP’s voice system maintenance challenges. This comprehensive approach focused on ensuring the reliability, security, and uninterrupted functionality of CBP’s Avaya-based systems. The solution encompassed dedicated maintenance services, including routine updates, servicing, and proactive troubleshooting. A key aspect was the implementation of a proactive maintenance strategy, aimed at preventing system failures and minimizing downtime.

The solution also featured a 24/7 support system to address immediate concerns, ensuring CBP’s operations were never hindered by technical issues. Additionally, C1Gov provided remote administration services, allowing for swift and efficient management of the voice systems. The team at C1Gov was committed to understanding the unique operational needs of CBP, ensuring that their solution not only met the technical requirements but also aligned with the agency’s security and operational protocols. Regular training and support for CBP personnel were integral to the solution, ensuring efficient and effective utilization of the voice systems.


The collaboration between C1Gov and CBP resulted in a highly successful outcome. C1Gov’s comprehensive solution significantly improved the reliability and efficiency of CBP’s voice communication systems. The proactive maintenance and 24/7 support ensured that CBP’s operations were uninterrupted and that any potential issues were swiftly addressed. As a result, there was a marked improvement in the operational efficiency of the agency, with reduced downtime and enhanced communication capabilities.

The project also had a positive impact on CBP’s overall service delivery. The enhanced reliability and security of the voice systems contributed to smoother and more effective operations, crucial for an agency with national security responsibilities. C1Gov’s dedication to understanding and adapting to the unique needs of CBP was evident in the successful implementation of the project. The training and support provided to CBP personnel were instrumental in maximizing the benefits of the new systems, leading to improved user experience and system functionality. The outcome of this project was a testament to C1Gov’s ability to deliver high-quality IT solutions that meet the specific needs of federal agencies.