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Enhancing Command and Control Capabilities at Vandenberg AFB with DWDM/OTN Phase 2 System

At Vandenberg Air Force Base, C1Gov’s strategic expansion of high-speed data transport enhanced the base’s command and control capabilities for crucial military operations through the implementation a Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM)/Optical Transport Network (OTN) Phase 2 System.


Vandenberg Air Force Base in California faced a critical requirement to expand its current Ciena Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM)/Optical Transport Network (OTN) architecture. The mission was to extend the network from 15 sites to numerous other locations within the base. This expansion was pivotal in supporting the high-speed data transport of Command & Control, voice, video, telemetry, timing, and security data.

The existing outside plant fiber was saturated, necessitating a high-reliability multiplexing system to expand the capacity for transporting fiber optic signals across the base. The challenge involved not only enhancing the network’s physical capacity but also ensuring its reliability and efficiency in handling increased data loads. This was crucial for supporting the base’s diverse and critical operations, including space operations and the Range of the Future initiatives. The expansion needed to be executed while maintaining operational continuity, requiring meticulous planning, coordination, and execution.


C1Gov’s solution for Vandenberg AFB involved a turnkey implementation of the DWDM/OTN system. The project included expanding the current Ciena core ring to significantly enhance the network’s capacity and reliability.

The installation process was comprehensive, including system design, procurement, installation, configuration, and operational setup. C1Gov provided engineering floor drawings for approvals and a smooth installation process. The equipment was procured new from Ciena product lines to ensure full compatibility with existing equipment. Additionally, power supply upgrades provide many hours of electrical backup.

C1Gov also provided dedicated on-site engineering and training support for three months to assist local Operations & Maintenance technicians in provisioning new circuits and transitioning existing ones onto the new system. This comprehensive approach ensured a seamless and efficient implementation of the expanded network.


The implementation of the DWDM/OTN Phase 2 System at Vandenberg AFB was a resounding success, significantly enhancing the data transport capabilities of the base. The expanded network is now fully operational and capable of supporting the Space Operations mission and the Range of the Future initiatives at Vandenberg AFB.

The system’s robust design and implementation have ensured high reliability and efficiency in data transport across the base. The expanded capacity and improved network infrastructure have positioned Vandenberg AFB at the forefront of technological advancement in military communications and operations. The base now benefits from a more resilient and scalable network, capable of handling the demands of modern military operations and future expansions.

Furthermore, the successful collaboration and comprehensive solution provided by C1Gov have set a standard for similar projects within military installations. The project’s success exemplifies how strategic network upgrades can significantly enhance operational capabilities and support critical missions in a dynamic and demanding environment.